No shame in pie

I grew up in my Southern home on pound cake, cheesecake, layer cakes with frosting, chocolate chip cookies and two kinds of pie: pecan and key lime.  We didn’t do fruit pie in our house.* But when I met my husband, and more specifically, ate my first holiday meal with his mom, dad, sister, and … Continue reading No shame in pie

Fistful of words

When I sit at my tan desk, in our beige room, with dull buff carpet beneath my chair, I often have a hard time coming up with color words. I google “synonyms for green,” rifle through crayon boxes, and scroll through images of paint chips and artists’ color names, but I am not usually inspired … Continue reading Fistful of words

Eye on the prize

Today, before practice, our 7 year old daughter stood before me on our carpeted floor, one foot fidgeting on the other and her hands clasped in front of her.  She looked embarrassed, or worried.  I waited. “We have to do butterfly in the meet,” she said. She started swimming yesterday with the Blacksburg Orcas, our … Continue reading Eye on the prize