March is a tease

Seven months into our courtship, I dropped the the man who eventually became my husband at the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail: Springer Mountain, Georgia. It was February 1. And according to townfolk along the trail, when he and his hiking partner made forays into towns for supplies, it was “the coldest/snowiest/worst winter we’ve … Continue reading March is a tease

I crave

Right now I crave time. I want to have time to write and think and garden. I crave peace from the guilt I feel when I’m not working round the clock because I want so badly to sit and be alive. I crave the ocean. I want to smell the salt air. I want to … Continue reading I crave


Book blurb for Andrea Reads America, due out sometime in the very far future: From the Alabama bayou to the Alaska tundra, from the Texas desert to the Washington rain forest, Andrea Reads America explores the United States: in books. Curious about the American landscape and seeking the perspectives of men, women, and authors of … Continue reading Daydreaming