The sky was clear for miles. The sun rose over calm seas, and not a cloud marred the deep blue endlessness above. Off the bow, soft morning light pinked the beach and warmed the green of the palms and the lush tropical mountains that rose out of the ocean. “I think we can make it … Continue reading Squall

March is a tease

Seven months into our courtship, I dropped the the man who eventually became my husband at the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail: Springer Mountain, Georgia. It was February 1. And according to townfolk along the trail, when he and his hiking partner made forays into towns for supplies, it was “the coldest/snowiest/worst winter we’ve … Continue reading March is a tease

I crave

Right now I crave time. I want to have time to write and think and garden. I crave peace from the guilt I feel when I’m not working round the clock because I want so badly to sit and be alive. I crave the ocean. I want to smell the salt air. I want to … Continue reading I crave


Book blurb for Andrea Reads America, due out sometime in the very far future: From the Alabama bayou to the Alaska tundra, from the Texas desert to the Washington rain forest, Andrea Reads America explores the United States: in books. Curious about the American landscape and seeking the perspectives of men, women, and authors of … Continue reading Daydreaming