She woke in the cool cabin of the boat. It was dark but with a touch of blue light that hinted more was on its way. She shifted next to her husband and heard the creak of the mooring ropes as the boat shifted under her motion. Water gurgled against the hull. She sat up … Continue reading Horizon

Cotton swabs

“Just a touch,” he said, his eyebrows up, his hands clenched, worried his student would muddy the thing. “A dab is all it takes,” he said, and watched Julian dip the swab too deep in the stain, like his daughter did when she painted her nails, an activity that also made him wince. She’d dip … Continue reading Cotton swabs


She watched his hands as he adjusted the sails. They were strong hands, capable hands, with veins that flexed as he untied a cleat, let out some line, then wrapped a figure eight again. She’d always loved his hands, had always loved how masculine they were. He leaned against the transom, his legs extended on … Continue reading Sunbrowned