Taking small steps when the final destination seems impossibly far away

7 thoughts on “Taking small steps when the final destination seems impossibly far away”

  1. This is great news Andrea, I like your approach. It’s as though you are sneaking up sideways on your dream.
    I also wanted to let you know that you recently talked about writing when you get the urge to write, and this has been working for me. Too often I think of something to write about but then time gets away and I lose my confidence. The more I think about writing, the less sure I become that anyone will be interested. Taking your advice has been good for me. I’ve been writing as soon as I can, before the voices tell me there’s no point. It’s not great literature but at least there are some words on the page (screen). So thank you!

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    1. That’s wonderful news, Margaret! Good for you! It’s easy to talk ourselves out of writing, to convince ourselves nobody will care, but it feels so good to shut those voices down and write anyway. It’s the right thing to do :-D.

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  2. I’ve found that writing something, like a memory or an incident I’ve lived through or witnessed often reads like fiction to others. It’s not just our imagination, but the way we express and process those experiences that makes for good storytelling. And the older I grow, the more I realise the line between fiction and non-fiction grows thinner and thinner, they keep borrowing from each other.
    So glad you’re journalling and allowing yourself to explore. I agree, visualization is imagination at play 😀

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