Awe and the mundane

I never used to care about birds. What is about aging that turns us into bird-watchers? One of my favorite feelings is awe. I love when I’m going through normal everyday life, eating my yogurt or walking outside under the sky, and I’m struck by a wave of wonder, a flush of the soul that … Continue reading Awe and the mundane

Equinox eve

Spring is here!Snowflakes floatgently down. When I stood at the back window this morning, I saw a snowflake drift in a slow zig-zag, down to the ground. A flurry more followed. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. I usually take a gardening vacation when the equinox arrives. I take the week that contains the … Continue reading Equinox eve

Playing with lenses

I don’t branch out much with photography. I think I take the same photo of dogwood flowers, the same photo of lilac flowers, and the same photo of salvia every year. I use the same lens on the same subjects. I did shoot in the soft evening light the other day and was really pleased … Continue reading Playing with lenses