We are in the middle of a fool’s spring, and I took full advantage of it this weekend. From after breakfast to before dinner yesterday, I had shears, rake, shovel, loppers, wheelbarrow, bungee cords, hose, and bags of dirt scattered all over the yard. I pruned roses, cut back ornamental grasses, raked leaves out of … Continue reading Emergence

Distracted by green

I walked the garden yesterday. The sky was blue, the air warm(ish), and the brown ground was golden with sunlight. When I got to my destination at the top of the hill, where I’d planted bulbs last year, I found what I was hoping for: new green. The snowdrops are pushing up little buds. The … Continue reading Distracted by green

Garden graphing

It’s that time of winter where I walk from window to window, observe the garden, and mentally rearrange everything. Last year, I thought for sure that I wouldn’t need to do that this winter. I thought everything was pretty well settled in, I’d let the stuff in the new bed go to seed so it … Continue reading Garden graphing