My role models

I looked up the definition of inspire today. I wanted to know, if I were to answer the question, “Who inspires you?” that I knew precisely what question I was answering. Before looking it up, I had two thoughts about what it means to feel inspired. The first is an onrush of awe and a … Continue reading My role models

Encourage someone

Last week, after I published on my blog for the first time in a while, a colleague reached out at work to tell me they were glad to see me writing again. It was unexpected — I thought the notification in my Slack would be something work-related. That simple message encouraged me to post again. … Continue reading Encourage someone

Got grit?

I apologize for writing about writing again, but I’m having a moment. A moment of feeling crushed by Friday folders filled with requests – money for the art fundraiser, canned goods for the food drive, volunteer hours for the PTO, donations for the fall festival – and workload stresses for my professor husband, and soccer … Continue reading Got grit?

What I’m reading

On January 20 of this year, I wrote in my diary, I feel myself moving into an information consumption phase.  Whenever I move into this consumption phase after a satisfying productive phase, it is an unnerving transition. “But I should be writing, not reading about writing,” I say to myself.  “If I want to write, … Continue reading What I’m reading