Flush technology

Don’t let anyone tell you words don’t have power. When my husband and I shopped for toilets recently, I could not stop giggling at the language used for selling what we all want most from a toilet: to hide the evidence. More than that, our trip to Home Depot showed me that having a gift with words doesn’t … Continue reading Flush technology

Boggle love

I shouldn’t be as proud as I am of this, especially since I’m usually competing against my 10- and 12-year old children, but I am the reigning Boggle champion in our household. I ❤️ Boggle. I get into it. Every time we sit down to play, I wonder, “Will this be the time I lose … Continue reading Boggle love

Here we go, yawl

My sailing education began Saturday night, on the boat, on the lake, as I asked my husband, “What’s that called? Why are you doing that? Where does this go? How do you know to do that?” And endless other questions.  As a word lover, I am giddy about the new terminology I get to learn … Continue reading Here we go, yawl

Paint chips

Image courtesy of HomeSpot HQ. I lay in bed this morning looking at our bedroom’s freshly painted walls. I studied the color, trying to find accurate words to describe it in my mind. Cream. That’s not accurate. Cream — dairy cream in real life — is more white. This is closer to vanilla ice cream, … Continue reading Paint chips


Brining turkey is all the rage these days. Funny I should pull this prompt right before Thanksgiving. I admit, there is a reason brined turkey is all the rage. Brined turkey is delicious. It is moist, it is perfectly seasoned. Brine is one of my favorite words, and it’s not because of turkey. Brine is … Continue reading Brine