Hard sounds and sharp edges. Pointy personality. Angular nose. Protruding bones. Persnickety is not soft. It is astringent, acerbic, tough, sharp, angular. I’ve used those words and can’t find the word I’m looking for. Vinegary. Picky and particular, sarcastic but not in a funny way. Puckery, like from lemons; not like for kissing. Persnickety is … Continue reading Persnickety


sun, sunlight, solar skin, hide, pelt, cuticle freckles, moles, sun spots, age spots golden, tan, brown, tawny epidermis bikini, naked sunbathe, tanning oil, Coppertone sunbow, sunbreak, sunbright, sunburst sunbrowned sunburned or sunburnt: reddened, tanned, seared by the sun’s rays sunbaked summer, sky, warm, hot bright, blazing, blistering, sizzling lush tropical sprinkled, spotted, freckle-faced rays, sun … Continue reading Sun


Dear lotion pump manufacturer, This may seem a strange request, but I am a writer who loves words, and I wondering if there is an industry term for the crusty glob of lotion that clogs the tip of a dispenser. Because you attempt to design products to prevent these clumps, I thought you might have … Continue reading Logophile


“I’ve… been too much in my head. Why don’t we take a walk?” (McLain)¹ ~ I’m not sure if pursuing writing is a good idea for me. I think it makes me crazy. I’m moody, brooding about my latest idea, working things out in my head, withdrawn as I think and think and think. I … Continue reading Lunacy

Word trap

“No writer should be without a Very Large dictionary.” – Priscilla Long On a bitter cold Tuesday afternoon when hat, scarf, gloves, and wool coat were not enough to keep the icy air out of my bones, I popped four quarters in a meter in downtown Blacksburg, bent my head to the needling wind, and … Continue reading Word trap