A magical memory

I love this time of year for turning inward. The days are short, the world is holed up and cold; it’s a time to slow down, to be inside, and to reflect. This morning I’m trying to reflect on a magical memory from 2022. When I first starting thinking, I could hardly even remember what … Continue reading A magical memory


Photo courtesy of condesign on Pixabay. One of my favorite memories from our lives in Florida is from when the kids were small — our daughter was maybe 3 years-old and our son 5 — and we went strawberry picking. The berries glistened like red candy against emerald leaves in row upon row of raised … Continue reading Strawberries


My car key is a rectangle of black plastic that fits in my palm like a rabbit’s foot, like any car clicker does these days. Only mine has no protruding key. The clicker is compact; I can wrap my whole hand around it, like a talisman. On my clicker, there is a shiny button I … Continue reading Fahrvergnügen

When I was four

When I was four we lived in a big white house on 2nd Street, East Beach, on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Beside our house was a meadow with sand dunes so old, you couldn’t see the white sand, only the wild vegetation that had taken root.  You couldn’t see the ocean on the other side, … Continue reading When I was four