7 thoughts on “Fahrvergnügen”

  1. Andrea, delightful linkage of present and past through your VW key. Well done.

    You brought back memories of my own VWs, holes in the floorboards, no heat when most needed, barely enough power to make it over long grades.

    But one took me cross country and back, my version of ‘On The Road.’

    I keep reading that Millennials are not so connected the car culture as our parents and we were. They identify more with bikes and urban pathways than cars and open roads. If true, that will be a seismic shift in the American identity. Not necessarily for the worse, mind you. But in ten or twenty years your kids might not have the same memories triggered by holding their car keys as you (and I) have for ours.

    Hope your other readers share their stories.


    1. What an interesting thought – that newer generations will not be as connected with car culture. Like you said, not a bad thing, especially if their ties are to cleaner, more active modes of transportation. As far as the VWs go, though, and espeically the older models, I can’t imagine how many American memories are tied to those cars. I had forgotten about the heater issues! Mine only heated on my left ankle, and I remember trying to adjust all the vents, triangle windows, and heat to dry to defog the wind shield on rainy days. What a nightmare! But funny.


  2. I have the same black rectangle! It fits my black Beetle, Lola! My first car was also a baby blue Beetle– a1969! One at 16 and one at 56! Love the “clicker”!


  3. That, funnily enough, reminded me of my first much loved car, a Mazda 121.
    It could not do more than 90k uphill, not even with pedal to the metal, which created problems in 110 zones! Especially being 19 and being too stubborn to get out of the fast lane 😳


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