My journal pages this week are filled with thoughts about paradise. My no-thought, gut response to the idea of paradise is a white sand beach surrounded by sparkling turquoise water, where I have no worries and can luxuriate in the warm sun and listen to the sounds of gentle waves swashing on the beach and … Continue reading Paradise

Handwriting practice

I blogged a few weeks ago about how learning is an exercise in mindfulness. At the time, most of the learning I did was via reading. I consumed information through books; I didn’t do anything. I didn’t practice anything new. I often found my mind wandering as I read to learn, and it didn’t feel … Continue reading Handwriting practice

Feel the weather

I keep a well-being journal these days. It’s like a super deluxe version of a gratitude journal. Each day gets its own page, and each day I record things I’m grateful for, moments I savor, beauty I appreciate, stuff I laugh at. In this well-being journal, I also record the weather. My brother told me … Continue reading Feel the weather

Being Well

When a friend read my Grass is Green post back in March, he reached out and said I might appreciate Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle is the Way, to help me cope with the pandemic. The small but potent book teaches that what matters is not to avoid adversity. Avoiding adversity is impossible. Instead, what … Continue reading Being Well

Write this moment

I’m not typically an anxious person. In normal times, I worry about what-ifs, but not to a paralyzing extent. Lately, though, I struggle. I’m already prone to living inside my head. This is mostly fine when the world isn’t on fire (though, I’ve realized lately, the world is always on fire, but as Haruki Murakami … Continue reading Write this moment