Intentions for my 46th trip around the sun

7 thoughts on “Intentions for my 46th trip around the sun”

    1. Happy Birthday!

      > Appreciate beauty and excellence in the mundane

      My wife and I were discussing the idea of ‘finding your bliss’ yesterday. As distinct to the idea of ‘Follow your bliss’ we agreed that *finding* your bliss was more about find those moment slike you’ve mentioned. The sublime and beautiful in the normal. I love that idea.


  1. One thing I’ve come to realize in my sixtysome odd revolutions around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion is that they get shorter and shorter. I know from my astrophysics class (right, like you took that class in college) that the Earth is not going faster, so it must be that I’m slowing down. And as I slow down, I think I’ll try to follow your intentions. Look for beauty and excellence everywhere. Practice love and kindness every day. While I still have time and until my last lap. Thanks for reminding me.

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