November haiku

Curled leaf hangs from a barren twig- a brown bat, sleeping. At the bus stop, my breath in white clouds my nose a red cherry. Black crow perches on a bone white branch. Watching. Ruffled lichens, like green ravioli, bloom on wet stone. Sun shines through naked trees, wintry patterns of light. Extracting words, I … Continue reading November haiku

October haiku

October: birch leaves flutter down, gold coins from the sky. With pink cheeks and red nose, I comb earth’s grassy mane Maples sway, dangling rubies in the sun. Golden flakes fall like oak crisps: our daughter’s hazel eyes. A rush, and then, a rain of dry leaves. An oak leaf twirls through sapphire sky. Late … Continue reading October haiku

For Mom

With every sock I turn right side in down in the basement sorting laundry, Vowing I’ll make the kids turn their own socks And knowing I won’t, I appreciate my mother. With every attempted paperback on the couch on my back on a Saturday, Our daughter asking questions Interrupting til I put the book down, … Continue reading For Mom