Paper-thin ice juts from the curb. Delicate, like sheets of sugar glass, it glistens in the sun. Sodden white clumps drop from trees – splash! into slushy puddles in the yard. Slick branches drip. Drip. Drip. Snowmelt trickles down roofs. Street gutters gurgle and gush. The neighborhood burbles merrily like a clear mountain stream. I … Continue reading Thaw

Haiku from November

Violet hills at gloaming – my shoulders shiver bare branches rattle extracting words, plucking butterflies from a stream black crow perches on a bone white branch watching ruffled lichens, like green ravioli, bloom on wet stone a curled leaf hangs from its barren brown twig- a bat, sleeping sun shines through naked trees, wintry patterns … Continue reading Haiku from November

Haiku from the Porch

I awake deep in the night; moonlight bathes the garden emerald leaves flutter, gentle in morning light; warm waft of coffee soft sighs in the treetops swell and recede – a gathering breeze squirrels chatter and chirp, tossing gnawed hickory husks from high branches a white butterfly alights, shady maple leaf cool on its feet … Continue reading Haiku from the Porch