Cat nap

God I love weekends. My Saturday started hectic, which I didn’t love. This is a big weekend in town between the Virginia Tech spring football game and the high school prom, and I wanted to get to the grocery store early before it was mobbed. I shopped before I’d even had breakfast or coffee, and … Continue reading Cat nap

Lazy days

I slept until 7:30 this morning, which for me is sleeping in. By a lot. Tomorrow I’ll be up at 4:30. Yesterday, Saturday, was a lazy day. I did my chores in the morning: grocery shopping, putting the groceries away, washing the grapes and lettuce for easy access throughout the week, changing sheets and towels. … Continue reading Lazy days

Flex Day

I read fiction this morning. On a Tuesday, on the couch, at 7am, with my smoothie. I never read fiction in the morning. I read it on the weekends after my chores are done. I read it at night after my day’s work is done. Fiction is a reward: it is my treat for working … Continue reading Flex Day

I loafed

I found a secret for loafing. I spent almost the entire weekend loafing: in a hotel room. Our son had a soccer tournament this weekend in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and thanks to the spread of his games on Saturday, we had hours and hours of down time. His first game was at 8am on … Continue reading I loafed


I never loaf anymore. I remember the days of loafing: childhood, college. Spending afternoons lounging on boats, on beaches, on sun-warmed boulders on mountains, on my bed on a rainy day with a book, on the porch while the green trees whispered in the wind. I don’t know how to loaf anymore. I’m always doing. … Continue reading Loafing