Try not to push

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  1. You are an excellent writer, Andrea! Vivid imagery. You capture the thoughts of a mother watching her child very well. Nice job. Can’t wait to read the next one!
    Cindy Shearer


  2. Swim fishy swim! My son is finishing up swim season here…he goes to districts next week then were done for the season…He has finally found a sport he enjoys. That is the most important part…that he ENJOYS it. I remember when he swam his very first event….I almost cried. and then the victory of finishing his first 500m….again, holding back tears….makes my heart swell so when i read what you wrote here, I could feel your heart swelling too 🙂


  3. Loved this post, Andrea! Mental stamina is such an important factor in competitive sport, isn’t it?

    Going through the same thing with my son who won best all around gymnast in his age category at his last competition. He’s been encouraged by the head coach to put more hours in at the gym, but he tells me that he doesn’t want to train with the head coach; “It feels like WORK when I train with him!” He won his gold medal and now he says he’s done competing — my son wants to learn more tumbling and trampoline, for the fun (& joy!) of it. And he wants to have time to spend with his friends, and train for school sports.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to push our kids, and when to let them take the lead. Sounds like you’ve got a good sense of what your daughter needs from you. Keep having fun at the pool!


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