My office today

The weather is amazing here. I sat outside under the dogwood yesterday to work, and I will again today. Birds fluttered on the branches around me, the tulips shone happy in the sun, and I smelled cut grass and the spicy warmth of tree bark mulch. The tree doesn’t have leaves yet, and it was … Continue reading My office today

A week in Cannes

For nearly two years, I’ve worked with teammates I’ve never shared space with in real life. We’ve “met” through video calls, and we know each other well via our constant text chatter at work, through longer-form internal blog posts, and most importantly, through an ongoing banter of GIFs, memes, and emoji reactions in our team … Continue reading A week in Cannes

Checking the forecast

Every morning, I wake three hours before I plan to start my workday. I feed the cats, unload the dishwasher, make coffee, and then sit at the table and face the dark sliding glass door while I eat cereal and do the Wordle. Beside me on the table are my gardening log and my happiness-turned-meaning … Continue reading Checking the forecast