Storm’s coming

The air smells heavy this morning. Temperatures hover around freezing, and the air is clear, but I feel moisture. Earlier this week, I could only poke my nose out the back door to sniff the air; it was too frigid to put any more of my body outside. Today the air is cold but doesn’t … Continue reading Storm’s coming

Vacationing through a tropical storm on the North Carolina coast

Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 7:54 amThe morning after Tropical Storm IsaiasAtlantic Beach, NCWeather: sunny, windy During the day yesterday, I was happy we came on vacation, despite Tropical Storm Isaias. This morning, I’m glad we came. But last night, as the storm passed through in the dark of night, I was scared. When the wind … Continue reading Vacationing through a tropical storm on the North Carolina coast


Blue grey. Cloud soufflés. Thundering rumble. Neon grass against blackening sky. We wore minimal clothing because of the heat. I leaned against my boyfriend in a bed in Key Largo, and it was dark outside, and the windows were open. Palm fronds crackled in wind. We stroked each other’s skin while thunder shattered the air … Continue reading Thunderstorms

Island cloudscape

One of the things I love most about Florida, that I miss when I’m away, and that I fall in love with all over again when I return, is the sky.  More specifically, I love the clouds. Cloudscapes in Florida are dynamic and dependable. Nearly every afternoon in summer, formations build  before your eyes in … Continue reading Island cloudscape