The perils of winter birthdays

7 thoughts on “The perils of winter birthdays”

  1. I always hated having a winter birthday growing up where we did. My party was always a compromise because what I really wanted was a beach party (you probably never knew that because I never revealed it!!)

    During college it was even worse since it always fell either the last day of exams or after exams when no one was in town anymore. For my 21st, Jessica was the only one left, so she and I rounded bars as a couple rather than in a group of revelers. And i think she was only around because she felt bad!

    My point is that it’s better to experience birthday disappointments now so they’re prepared for let-downs later.

    Also, tell my birthday twin “happy birthday” from me!!


    1. This makes me so sad, Amy 😦 I love you, and will never forget your birthday, and being in labor (unknowingly) on the phone with you. I’ll call you tomorrow, birthday girl!


      1. I always think about that too. Actually, that was the first time I had ever spoken to someone who had a baby within hours of having talked to them. Because of it whenever I talk to a pregnant lady near her due date and she mentions that she doesn’t feel well, I always just assume (usually correctly) that she’s about to have the baby!! It’s happened twice since October!

        I love you too! And happy mama-for-the-second-time day!!


  2. My birthday’s in January and although I always wanted to be able to have a party in our back garden I never had one because a Lancashire (UK) winter is just constant rain and greyness. I would have loved to have a garden full of snow to play in but sadly that only happened once or twice as I remember.

    As Amy said above, once I went to school I frequently had to delay my birthday celebrations until after exam season but that just meant twice the reason to party when it did come round!


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