Geysers at (10pm) dusk

On our first day in Iceland, we visited one of the most popular tourist destinations, Þingvellir, in the early afternoon: peak visiting time. The parking lot was filled with white rental SUVs (including ours), the paths crawled with people (including us), and the sunlight was harsh for photography. Since the days are 20 hours long, … Continue reading Geysers at (10pm) dusk


After a full night of sleep behind curtains and blinds that leaked daylight all night long, we woke mostly refreshed on our second day in Iceland. We walked a half block for pastries, across the street for coffee, and avoided the car for the day. We opted to explore the city and harbor of Reykjavík … Continue reading Reykjavík

A walk through Nice

Saturday we took a day off from work. We rode the train from Cannes to Nice, then walked the city. We visited the Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya (flower market), climbed the stairs to the top of the Château de Nice (Nice castle), ate traditional socca (savory chick pea pancakes) and pissaladière (flatbread with caramelized … Continue reading A walk through Nice