Life in a college town. With kids.

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  1. Hahaha, you’re brave to take the tyke to the nitty gritty part of college town.

    I came here as a student and have done my fair share of bar-crawling. I’m old enough now to acknowledge that students aren’t always the best neighbors, especially when the semester kicks in. But it’s good to get yourself out there and appreciate the good value and positive qualities. You hang out enough and the bar staff gets friendly.

    Places I recommend going with kids for dinnertime:

    Mike’s Grill – best burgers in town
    Sycamore Deli
    Benny Marzano’s (huge pizza slice, might need to share)

    PK’s has a great menu for all ages, but it gets pretty barr-y at 9 or so.

    Gillie’s is delicious for brunch and for fish or vegetarian options. Good date-night option.

    The Rivermill and the Underground are definitely more “adult” venues at night. But they are both quality bars with different offerings. The Underground is the calmer of the two when it gets late. They’re open early for breakfast and brunch too!

    One place I wouldn’t recommend for children is Champs, because of the high amount of smoke. They’ve got an excessive amount of TV screens tuned to sports though, if you’re into that sort of thing.


  2. Phil’s comments are spot on about Downtown Blacksburg places. My kids like PKs on Thursdays (get there early) for the Tijuana Toss. You get a large one topping pizza and then they flip a coin after. If you guess which side comes up, the pizza is free. My daughter has been 100% on the guesses. My kids are 8 and 5, BTW.

    Sharkey’s is pretty good for kids, but the service can be spotty at times.

    But here is what you REALLY need to know:

    Kids eat free:
    Monday – Firehouse Subs on University City Blvd.
    Tuesday – Macados and Sharkey’s. Also, the Macados in Christiansburg has the BEST waiter for kids – Frank.
    Wednesday (?) and Saturday – Famous Anthony’s. They also have cheap breakfast with extended breakfast hours on the weekend.

    Bull & Bones at First & Main is good for beer and kids and El Rodeo is pretty good too for kids if they like Mexican. Sal’s has great pizza, but is pricey. Sake House rocks, but has no kids menu. I get my kids the Chicken Yakatori (chicken on a stick). Then you can walk over to the chocolate spike for homemade chocolates!

    Glad you are finding your way around. Which school will your kids attend?


    1. Awesome. Love Kids eat free places. I’m guessing Tuesday night at Macado’s will be the place for us to meet all the local families 😀

      Not sure yet where the kids will go to school – we are still house hunting.


      1. Summer Solstice Fest is this weekend. Great place to let the kids run around. That is in downtown Blacksburg.

        Then on July 13, there will be a Movie on the Lawn at the Alexander Black House (house on stilts on Draper Road by Kent Square parking garage). It’s free with food (for sale) and free popcorn. Starts at dark, but lots of families come early and the kids run around.

        Best place to meet families? Municipal Park aka Caboose Park in Blacksburg.


  3. I love reading your blog posts! You are such a good writer! Fun to read. Glad you all made it safe and sound! Sorry to hear about the car trouble…but I always say everything happens for a reason. As you were making your way to your new life in Virginia, I was making SOAP! 😉 I made Lakshmi, Dana and Maeve and they turned out great! THANK YOU! I CANNOT wait to use them a few weeks from now! I’m going to make Flora and Witch this week 🙂 Oh my gosh this is fun! (if you send me a mailing address, I’ll send you some soap) My son has requested that I make him Peppermint soap. Just Peppermint.

    Have fun exploring your new town! Sounds like alot of fun! 🙂


  4. It’s one of my fav’s too! It’s so hard to really pick one fav. It depends on my mood… I love the Maeve, the Witch…all of them so much! I gravitate towards lavender so Maeve might have to be my top pick if I HAD to pick ONE but Lakshmi is soooo close behind. Last night I cheated and cut a sliver off my batch of Lakshmi to test out in the shower…I know, i didnt wait 3 weeks but I couldnt help myself. Anyways, after my shower I went outside to give my dogs a break and i could smell that soap all over me. LOVELY.


  5. oh andrea. i love you. also, i’m very please to see that you’re already making friends (with kids no-less, who know the “kids eat free” places!!)


  6. Just stumbled upon your blog. We (family of 4) are new to Blacksburg (kids and myself…not husband) and this post was spot on. Not many family friendly places to take a 2&4 year old….so far Sal’s has been it.


    1. Hey Angela! The comments above give some good places. We love MIke’s, and Macado’s is good too. You might want to try those if you haven’t already. Welcome to Blacksburg!


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