The grandaddy of all gift cards

3 thoughts on “The grandaddy of all gift cards”

  1. Congratulations on reading Moby Dick! That is awesome. I haven’t read it, maybe I will some day. I have a hard time reading Dickens too, but I love him. He was able to change society and improve countless lives with his depressing works, which were based on the hardships in his own life. I prefer reading about Dickens to actually reading his stories, except Christmas Carol, which I love 🙂
    I may have to get myself a salted caramel mocha too!!


    1. Traci! I’m so happy to see you here 🙂 I tried Dickens last summer, I don’t remember which one, and the first sentence was about half a page long. I don’t think I even got through that first sentence. My mom told me I should try David Copperfield, which begins, “I am born.”

      And yes, you must get yourself a salted caramel mocha. drool drool.


  2. I wish I had read Moby Dick too! I see those references to it all the time, and I never understand a thing. 😦

    Maybe I’ll read it one day…but I rarely have patience with classics, so maybe I’ll also give up after a few lines!


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