Welcome love

I was surprised the other day when listening to the How to build a happy life podcast to hear this sentence: Maturity involves learning not to push love away, either through neglect or through actively pushing love away. Robert Waldinger My first thought was, Why would anyone push love away? But as I thought more … Continue reading Welcome love

Tiny interactions

One thing I’ve done a lot less of in the past 8 years of working from home is interact with strangers and acquaintances out in the physical world. In previous jobs, I’d pass people in parking lots or hallways, I’d run errands on the way to and from work, I’d talk, with my voice instead … Continue reading Tiny interactions

Bundle for happiness

I considered titling this “Bundle to make things suck less.” It’s a more honest title. I ultimately flipped it, though, to put emphasis on the positive, since that’s the goal with bundling: to have a good experience with something you don’t want to do. I run for exercise. It’s efficient, effective, and super low maintenance. … Continue reading Bundle for happiness


My journal pages this week are filled with thoughts about paradise. My no-thought, gut response to the idea of paradise is a white sand beach surrounded by sparkling turquoise water, where I have no worries and can luxuriate in the warm sun and listen to the sounds of gentle waves swashing on the beach and … Continue reading Paradise