Do we have to read this whole thing?

4 thoughts on “Do we have to read this whole thing?”

  1. I remember running across stuff I wrote as a little kid and cringing at my complete lack of awareness, both self and outer-world.

    Fun fact. In 1982, I was negative six years old.


  2. LOVE this! I want to do this my daughter but she’s 6 and though she sees me write in my journal I don’t think she would like to write in one just yet. Though I tell her she can when she needs to talk about her feelings and doesn’t want to talk to mommy or daddy. And my journal entry when I was 11 was VERY similar…


    1. Isn’t it fun? Mine definitely needs poking and prodding, but we’re trying to do it gently so she can get in the habit. My journals have been lifesavers throughout my life, and since I have such a crappy powers of recall, they’ve been my memory as well.


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