Click, and click, and click, and click

4 thoughts on “Click, and click, and click, and click”

  1. Beautiful Andrea! Note also that Priscilla advised the writers in her workshop in Taos (she’ll be back this year: that 15 minutes a day, every day, is what’s “necessary” to stay in touch with our writing. Especially as mommies, we can’t, necessarily, always write for an hour. Check out this blog post, too, re: “Not Writing Every Day” Be gentle with your sweet self!


    1. Thank you Lesley! I love this from “Not Writing Every Day:”
      “Ironically, the only way I can effectively write is to not thinking about actual writing unless I am actually doing it at the time.”
      I can relate to that 😀 After getting this off my chest this morning, I opened up and found some clarity about where to go next. I have a strategy (specific projects in a specific order) that I think will help with the fatigue so that every time I sit down to write I’m not in an “Oh my God, what am I going to write about?” place. Making decisions tires me out more than the actual doing does, if that makes any sense.


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