From Posts to “Pieces”

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  1. So many of us in the same boat aren’t there? I find the blog is a great way to make myself practise writing and I enjoy the feedback that I get from it. The sharing of my stockpile of writing with my mentor who just happens to be another Lesley is so good for me as it takes me right to the edge of the writers cliff and lets me take some safe risks. She has pointed out to me several helpful things such as the correct order of my ideas in a story or poem, some grammar slipups and also to have faith in my own storytelling. Good for you to be the brave one and let others critique your work. It can be rough to take sometimes but don’t let that get you down.


    1. I love how you describe your Lesley as taking you to the edge of the writer’s cliff. I’ll have to remember that when I’m feeling lazy or doubtful. And yes, blogging is definitely crucial for writing practice for many of us. I don’t think I would be nearly as diligent without mine. I like that instant gratification of pressing “publish” and then saying, “Okay, what’s next?” My attention span is too short to keep with the big projects for long 😀


  2. Aaaah! The curse of the Virgo! I know it well and suffer daily. It sounds like, if I remember your chart correctly, your writing happens in Aries. Your moon and ascendant help you to let go and create with no time for judgment or second guessing. To your Virgo sun, that might feel sloppy and unworthy of the reader’s time. It isn’t though. This is the part where I would love to have some piece of helpful information. The teacher me demands that I do or say something to help you. However, I have found that in my own process, the writing I enjoy the most is reactionary. Give me something to respond to, then I feel in control. When I simply sit down and decide to write…mental crickets…



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