The people I see on a Saturday morning

8 thoughts on “The people I see on a Saturday morning”

  1. This makes me nostalgic.

    I’m very appreciative of your balance in the observations. Telling the truth without passing judgment, acknowledging that you’ve been young too. I wasted a lot of time during college resenting others for having the good time I thought I wasn’t getting. It was only when I cleared my head and realized we’re all living life a little blindly that I was able to appreciate the town the way you are.

    So glad you’ve been enjoying B-burg. 🙂


    1. Thanks Phil, I do love it. Blacksburg makes me nostalgic about my own college days at The University of Georgia, but at the same time, I’m so glad I’m not hung over at The Waffle House anymore. Those days were fun when we were young, but so is a quiet morning with coffee and the paper now.


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    I realized I’d never featured my friend Andrea in a reblog on my site. She updates frequently with wonderful slice-of-life writing about living in the New River Valley with her family. I dug back for this one because it ties directly to my college days and my experience in Blacksburg, Virginia.


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