Addendum to dangling prepositions post

4 thoughts on “Addendum to dangling prepositions post”

  1. I think most of your readers would already be familiar with the sources you quoted. I was.

    Actually, my teachers did not strongly enforce the dangling preposition rule at all. The grammar rule that was repeatedly and rigidly enforced in all my English classes was the comma splice. I had some teachers who would give you an automatic letter grade off if you had so much as one run-on sentence. And of course, that rule gets broken probably more than any other in modern writing.

    All of these grammar rules exist to make the writer’s intent clear and make language easier to read. As long as you are accomplishing that task, expressing yourself clearly, even eloquently if you’re good, I don’t think it matters if you adhere to any of “the rules” at all. I know, shocking. 😉


    1. Since I can never remember what a comma splice is, I think it’s a safe bet that I break that rule a lot. Isn’t when you use a comma unnecessarily? If so, I am terribly guilty of that one.


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