I like to Boogie Woogie

3 thoughts on “I like to Boogie Woogie”

  1. I have such great memories of skating at the rink when I was young. I loved when the lights were dimmed, and the disco ball reflections would dance across the floor of the rink. Sometimes they’d play videos on a wall, and I distinctly remember LOVING when they’d play Aha’s “Take One Me”. Such a great song to skate to!


    1. YES! I can see the video as soon as the song starts running through my head. I don’t remember skating to that one, but I did love “You Dropped a Bomb on Me.” Have you been back as an adult? So. Fun.


  2. We are SO there for 80s night and the derby!!!

    Loved the way you describe club dancing – it’s exactly how I feel and I miss it, too! I’ve often wondered if I could make any money with a fitness club just for ladies that is basically just a night club inside, with different rooms for different decades or styles of dance music. . .


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