Precious Gifts: Electronics

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  1. Love your blog post! Here is why: My son had a DS three years ago, given to him by a friend who had had a new one (probably a 3DS) for Christmas. We told J it wouldn’t work from home but only in the car. And he believed what we said.
    Two years of peaceful travelling until – finally – he came downstairs from his room, probably a year ago, with that look of total surprise and joy on his face, telling me that he had checked the DS from home (“I didn’t mean to”) and – surprise! – I had been wrong all along. It worked! 🙂
    Well, this is where we are now. J still has that very same (very old) soccer game that he loves to play and that’s it. He is 9, he knows a DS works no matter where you are but he won’t play with it when not in the car. There are too many other things to do (like playing basketball …).
    And the peaceful travelling continues 🙂
    Thanks for blogging – a very happy new year to you and yours.


    1. I told my husband this story and we got a big giggle out of it, especially that your son was so innocent about believing you didn’t know the DS would work at home, and that he was so excited to tell you that it did. Thank you for sharing, and happy peaceful trails to you.


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