Floating face down

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  1. As someone whom survived near-drowning and then secondary drowning and spent a week in intensive care, I can tell you that firstly, it was a miracle she lived and secondly, it was brave of those kids to keep on competing.
    The folks around me when they saw I was dying, went absolutely nuts and had breakdowns. It’s as though I watched it from really far away, but it’s very serious, near-drownings and fainting. Sometimes our fears can educate us about what to prepare for, because real life happens in a moment. It’s also true what you said, we gotta keep going forward! We can keep the faith that we are protected! All those whom helped save that girl’s life are heroes!

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  2. Wow. I fainted once, in 4th grade, and I landed right on top of Sam Bernard. I’m not too afraid of fainting (even though I was mortified to be laying on top of a classmate…a boy classmate, but drowning has been a fear of mine my entire life. I think in a past life I was on the Titanic, or else fell through the ice of a frozen lake or river. Horrifying! Your piece was so well written I felt that fear again, even though I was sitting comfortably on the couch. Good work!


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