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  1. I love your goal. I have a similar one — not grand in scope, but realistic and manageable for me and my busy schedule. Read. Just read. I used to be such an avid reader, but my new school has inspired me to invest so much of myself, my time, that I’ve neglected my love (and need) of reading. Reclaiming what brings you “home” is essential. I can’t wait to read snippets of your writing — it’ll help me stick to my resolution, too!

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  2. Excellent resolution! Hope you’ll be able to find time to come back to writers’ group too. I miss you. We miss you. BTW, in case I didn’t say it before, I LOVE your new look.


  3. I think the struggle to “fit everything in” happens to most all of us. I have almost given up the pursuit of a truly balanced life where everything gets equal time and attention. I try to reconcile myself to the idea that shifting focus from one thing to another is how it will be. As soon as something feels neglected, it’s time to pay it more attention until something else feels neglected and then I shift. Not perfect by any means. πŸ™‚

    I also found an article in my inbox right after I read your post that you might be interested in about the psychology of writing (and a book with that same title). Good luck to you with your new goal – you can do it!

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  4. Good food for thought. Thank you. I’ve been buying mens sweatpants just for the pockets. Even pajama bottoms because women’s pjs usually don’t have pockets. I need good pockets. πŸ™‚

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  5. Reading this as i have my cup of tea, getting ready for the first day of work in 2015. Already wondering how im going to keep the promises ive made to myself. Thanks for sharing…10 mins a day has got to be doable for me to.

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  6. Butterfly Mind,
    I have no trouble writing all day and all night…the trouble is that life gets in the way. Your sentiments relate more to my violin practice. It takes about a good 30-60 minutes of practice a day to progress. I’ve only been learning for 3 years so I’m still on the uphill run and am wanting to learn skills like vibrato before I let it slide. This level of practice is a major commitment, especially when I’m married with two kids, have 2 dogs and have writing and photography as my main things. I am having to get real strict with myself and get back to having a set time. I was doing it straight after the kids went to bed but they are staying up later and I get writing and the next thing I know it, its too late.
    Your post has reminded me of this commitment for the New Year.
    By the way, I have noticing people dropping off with their blogging and writing, even when they’ve had a great following and I struggle to understand that. You have such a gift both with your writing and photography but also with how you see and interpret things around you. I hope you will pull of these 10 minute snatches!! xx Rowena


  7. Came upon this post again last night as I read your most recent ones. I tried something before bed: I set my timer for 15:00 on my iPhone, then started writing. I had a loose idea for a post, but didn’t think I’d finish it, nor did I expect to. I just wanted to write for that period of time.

    The timer got to 0:00. I’d slipped into a flow, so I set the timer for 15:00 again. That time depleted, so I set it again, as I was still writing. And then, again, as I was still writing. I then had to leave to pick up my husband at the train station, cutting this timing experiment short. But this morning, as I look at what I wrote, I see that I’m a third, or perhaps halfway through a piece that I’m actually happy with.

    There’s something about a timer. Knowing there is a *finite* period to work with helps tremendously — there’s a boundary that prevents you for entering that intimidating phase of writing (where you go deep somewhere in your head but aren’t sure what you want to say, what to write) and can simply tell yourself to write in tiny stages, and then stop when the timer is over if you so please. But I kept going, in pieces. I’m going to continue this right now, and see how it goes πŸ™‚

    Happy (belated) new year!

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