Six short stories to listen to right now

4 thoughts on “Six short stories to listen to right now”

  1. First things first, I love the blog name. I have to, I had the exact same name for my private blog on blogger 7 years ago. It’s been untouched for a while, but the name still resonates.
    Secondly, I’m glad I stumbled upon this gem. Short stories are risky business in my opinion. I usually stick to safer choices like O’ Henry or Guy de Maupassant. I’ll definitely give the podcast a go.


  2. This is an amazing blog and I relate to the subject matter greatly! I am 23 and a recent college graduate. It took me 5 and 1/2 years, 2 different colleges, and 3 majors to finally buckle down and graduate. I have always loved writing, but never thought of pursuing it as a major or career path because it was just for fun. Now that I have had time to do the things I love, I have found that reading and writing is a passion of mine and I wish I had realized this when I was still in school. After reading this post, I realized that not all writers went to school specifically for writing. My journey has many turns and I am grateful that I arrived at a bend in the road that I feel love for! I also felt better when I saw that you didn’t regret anything because you wouldn’t have your husband or children. It has really helped me rethink my regret and be more grateful instead. Thank you so much for this post!!


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