I found my SCUBA logs

12 thoughts on “I found my SCUBA logs”

  1. Wow! What a great find! Sometimes when going through old boxes of cards and pictures I get that feeling to get rid of the “stuff” and “clutter” – but you just reminded me of how beautiful it is to find something that holds so many memories and emotions. Thanks for this reminder!


  2. Those days sure were fun! I’m going to dig out my log and compare notes. I’d like to find the dive when “mom had a cow” and see what my reaction was. This brought back the smell of neoprene, the sound of tanks clanking together, the hiss of escaping air when regulators were checked, the sounds of inhalation and exhalation and the gurgle of bubbles rising through the water. There is definitely nothing like the feeling of breathing under water. A very nostalgic post. Thanks!

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  3. I’ve never been scuba diving, but understand your love of water. That’s where I feel most at home. That’s a treasure you have in your hand.


  4. As if I wasn’t already craving hot summer and the beach?? Not already dreaming of a world done in bright reef colors?? You had to post this and make the yearning for our ancestral ocean home that much keener? Evil woman.

    Loved it. 😄


  5. Interesting! I’ve heard of dive logs but never seen one. It’s wonderful how you’ve kept them through these years!


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