Ten Feet of Vinyl

14 thoughts on “Ten Feet of Vinyl”

  1. I know I’ve said it already, but I’m very jealous 😉 You’re very lucky, I’m sure there are some treasures in there. They’re not in perfect condition, but I like them better like this, when you can tell they’ve been played and enjoyed through the years 🙂

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  2. AGHHHHHHH!!!! I went directly to “record Player ” link, read it, started having a “Snoopy Dance” Comments Closed!!! So here I am. Your kids asking music mechanic/physic questions is sooo cool. What a difference in music worlds.


  3. We have a comparable ten feet of vinyl. Can’t part with them. And thankfully, we have a set up that can play both records and CDs. So we do. And one of our kids can someday figure out what they want to do with them…along with all sorts of other things in the house. LOL


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