Fried food in my forties

7 thoughts on “Fried food in my forties”

  1. Best sentence: “I love food. It is a great pleasure I don’t like to deny myself.” I’ve never had a fried Twinkie but I tried a fried Oreo once and it wasn’t terrible. I like fried foods but the maintenance involved just to fry food is too much to bother with so grilled and baked are usually the way things end up going.


    1. Imagine a cake batter in a pastry bag that is extruded and dropped in a concentric circle in a hot oil fryer. When it is done, the funnel cake is placed on a plate and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


  2. It’s annoying how most of the amazing foods are full of calories! Why does fat taste so good???
    However… I’m in my 20s and I have exactly the same attitude that you did in your 20s – workout so you can eat anything! But I do stay away from fried foods nevertheless, barring the occasional onion rings or sweet potato fries. 🙂


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