Meditation by the pond

5 thoughts on “Meditation by the pond”

  1. Just lovely Andrea, I felt like I was there with you. And as someone that mediates daily, I think that’s a beautiful way to meditate. Meditation is just about focus, being focused on your present moment, and that was exactly what you were doing. And we get to benefit from it!

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  2. Your writing carried me to that small table by Pandapas pond outside of Blacksburg, Virginia. I felt the autumn sun on my back and heard the chirping of cicada, tweeting of birds and geese flapping their wings in the water.
    They say God is in the details. Understood why they say so. Looking ahead to reading more and more from you.


  3. I believe meditation and how it’s done is a personal thing aka do what works for you (and if it benefits others who get to read about your experience and join you in the moment too … then so much the better for all of us) 🙂


  4. As I’m getting older, I feel the need to work on living in the moment. I’ve been reading a lot about the present being all that we have and meditation as the method to helping us just “be’. Thanks for the beautiful article.


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