I’ve got fountain pens, and now I want to write and write and write…

4 thoughts on “I’ve got fountain pens, and now I want to write and write and write…”

  1. This post speaks to me so loudly I can almost hear your voice. I have wanted to try a fountain pen so long, but they are still a bit beyond my budget. But then I came across this list on kottke.org about the best 100 pens available (link at the end of the comment) and I got the runner-up: the OHTO Horizon Needle Point Knock. It’s considered the best ballpoint, and after over a month of journaling with it, I can see why. Here’s the list: http://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-pens-gel-ballpoint-rollerball-felt-fountain.html


  2. I have two comments to make.
    1. I don’t think of you as a ‘hobby writer’ even though that might be technically correct.
    2. You have plenty to say – don’t we all?
    Happy New Year. Enjoy your writing, I know I do.

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  3. Oh, my. Now I want a fountain pen. I much prefer typing over deciphering my handwritten scribbles. Perhaps the smooth lines of such a pen will bring me back to the analog page.

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