Feeling vulnerable about blogging

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  1. I used to blog every day. I did it for a long time, years! Then I got too busy writing books. But I kept blogging once a week and I liked my posts better. They were sharper and I paid more attention to having an actual point. I still journal morning pages every day and I love the freedom of just dumping and not having to worry about anybody reading it because I never show my MP to anyone!! I liked reading your post today because I can relate. 🙂

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  2. I read your posts Andrea! Just for the joy of reading them, little snippets into moments of your life. It’s amazing to read the experiences of another human being that is living, at the same time as me, and I’ve never met and may never meet. Our human brains love to create doubt and question our use of time, especially when it involves exposing ourselves to the world. That won’t go away. But intellectually you get to choose why you do it. And your reason only has to be good enough for you, no one else.

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  3. I have the same doubts. But when I get too worried, I try and say to myself “Who cares?” I started writing to capture memories and share positive stories. It would be a shame if performance anxiety stops us from pushing our joys and captured stories out into the world. I find it helps telling myself that I’m not the world’s greatest writer. That I can always learn to do better. Makes me feel grateful for the small community of fellow bloggers who do read my stuff sometimes. There was a great writing prompt from WordPress a few years ago. “Why do you write?” it asked us. I always find it helpful to ask myself that question from time to time.

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  4. Same here, lady. But I weirdly find it find to do the editing that comes with it, adding visual flair and all that jazz. I do believe that we continue to get better the more writing we do. Thanks for this great post!

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  5. I go through the same with food blogging – I started to wonder who cares. But I’ve always said that I blog because it’s fun, it’s a way to express myself, and I’m doing it for myself. So now I don’t care who cares 🙂

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