Restless reading

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  1. I mean, the winters are like….they all just get into their beds and go to sleep, and then in the spring, someone goes around and sees who all is still alive! And the insane hunting scenes!! There was this whole society there, in this inhospitable place where no one could live, and they somehow clung on there for generations, and then just all died out like they never even existed. It’s such a weird, unexpected book — it’s this improbable, wild epic fantasy-style tale, but it’s not fantasy. I found reading it to be an immersive, transportive experience. But I can also totally understand how it could just be super boring and long and tedious!

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  2. I understand what you mean, but by contrast, I get restless in summer. The long hot days make it hard to get into anything so I end up reading rubbish and then get cross with myself for wasting my precious reading time.
    I recently read a book called The Sealwoman’s Gift (set in Iceland) and it was good but I was really put off my the explanations of what some of the Icelandic words meant in the front of the book. I know the author was being helpful but it makes me feel as if I’m back in school.

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