The kids are home through August.

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  1. They haven’t done that here yet but I can see why reopening things would cause another spike in COVID-19 illness. I’m sorry it’s come as a shock; I cannot say I am surprised. I just really hope this all cools down by the Summer. I mean no swimming or splash pads or parks? That’s a rough existence for anyone.

    While it’s great that families are spending more together, it isn’t easy to be spending ALL of your time together. 🤗 You can do this.

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  2. Let us know what you learn from the book. In my experience, I can choose all I want to react a certain way. My actual reaction is not always what I chose. Perhaps your book holds the secret.


  3. I’m working very hard to not be so reactive to all the changes…it’s tough!! Good luck with having the kids off school for so long 😦 You got this!!

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  4. Looking up that book RIGHT NOW! Thanks Andrea. This isn’t going to be easy. But I am drawing back on when we lived in 29m2 for 15 months… we were allowed out of course, but in fact being in that small space as a family made everyone more tolerant, and I really miss that. I hope these times teach us all better tolerance, love and patience. Wishing you well from France x

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  5. Wishing you well from Italy. It’s really hard but you can do this. My daughter has a two year old and a four year old under lockdown in a flat without a balcony. They play in the garage, riding scooters and rolling down the entrance road. And mum is a 24 seven playmate, cheerleader, comforter and fight separator! You can do this!

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