Unlearning Racism

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    1. Great idea – I had already sent the link to family. Now re-blogged. My husband really appreciated the post too, Andrea, and it sparked some healthy and honest conversation. X

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  1. Thank you for the effort you’ve put in here Andrea. Two things have really hit home for me: learning it as a privilege over living it, and the passivity of ‘not racist’. I will share this, and share this, and share this. Thank you for sharing your insight.

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  2. What a hugely informative post. Thanks for doing all the work and sharing it with all of us. I appreciate the way you phrased white privilege as an “unearned advantage”. Spot on. With the Black Lives Matter movement we are all seeing just how horrifyingly deep racism goes. I will be leaving soon for a 2 week road trip and plan to check out all the links you shared so I can educate myself and work more intentionally at being anti-racist. Thank you so much!

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