My friends are all drawing

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  1. Good stuff, Andrea. I find that when I doodle a little doodle every day rather than now and then… they start to evolve into Doodles and become fulfilling fuel for everything else. Rather than the product or the form or the presentation or the quality, I am finding my finished artwork and architecture and Tarot work are prettier, though the Doodles have more power. They feel to catalyze connection with the agency of the unconscious… rather than deadlines and finished… there is an always complete, never finished quality more aligned with “lifelong transformation… and heck, After several weeks into a Doodle series I feel a deeper connection to both Self and the World/Universe/Collective Unconscious ( I give them a world concept to play in, a particular sandbox … not out of control, out of boundary safety, and so they can JUMP the boundaries and show me how I can and most likely should as well ).


  2. Hi Andrea and thanks for this post. I would never even contemplate trying to draw anything because I’ve already decided that it’s not something I can do (which is incredibly stupid). I was trying to work out why I had decided this, and I think it’s because when I try to doodle I just stare at the page wondering where to start. A lot like writing, don’t you think?
    Thanks also for the links to Michelle Weber’s post, it’s very funny and so well written. The animal drawings are also lovely. You have some clever friends!

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