Confession: I love the tarot

7 thoughts on “Confession: I love the tarot”

  1. Love it, Andrea! As a pro reader, I always find it funny when people diss Tarot with, “I don’t believe in all that Tarot and Astrology jumbo jumbo.” I smlle, and reply, “Excellent! Me, either!” The expressions I get are priceless. “Then why are you a professional reader?” Smiling, “I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology any more than I believe in my range or fridge in the kitchen. Though, I use them every day to nourish myself.”

    Great to see you open up your mornings With Tarot as you gaze out into the horizon of the day. That’s a wonderful image. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. I have & love the Mystic Mondays deck too. I love the idea of using it to bring variety into another samey day, & yes, it being a little gift to yourself. Thanks 🙂

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