Sunday morning at the bird feeder

6 thoughts on “Sunday morning at the bird feeder”

    1. I’m looking at the Nikon D3500. I have a 15 year old Nikon D50 and a 55 mm fixed length lens for it. I love the camera and want to be able to use the lens, so I’m basically looking at the modern version of the camera I already have. I was looking at the mirrorless cameras because I’d love something smaller, but I want the optical viewfinder; I don’t love the thought of needing to use a screen to frame a shot, especially since I’m often photographing outside in bright light.

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      1. I have a Canon Rebel (my second) and I also like the optical viewfinder. For one thing, it really sips battery. I rarely have to charge the battery. It is one of the few devices I have ever owned where my actual experience with battery life is similar to what they promise. I’m looking forward to all the bird pictures 🙂

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    1. They just share with the birds. The squirrels drive me bonkers, but they take their fill and go away. Since birds still visit and have food to eat, I figure I’m feeding all the backyard animals and try to just accept the squirrels.

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