Action with mistakes is better than inaction

5 thoughts on “Action with mistakes is better than inaction”

  1. In one coaching session you learned something new and applied it to your life. What a great benefit to provide to employees. All companies should offer it.

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  2. What a helpful post – thank you so much for writing it so honestly. Your three reminders are really helpful – I will look at them next time fear threatens to stop me carrying something through to fruition.

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  3. I thought this was a great “repurposing” Andrea! I was also thinking about this same thing recently and came across this book excerpt that got me thinking more about it:

    “Just as long-distance runners push through pain to experience the pleasure of “runner’s high,” I have largely gotten past the pain of my mistake making and instead enjoy the pleasure that comes with learning from it. I believe that with practice you can change your habits and experience the same “mistake learner’s high.”” (Ray Dalio, Principles)

    Thinking about mistake making as an exercise like running is something I hadn’t considered and (as a runner) makes a lot of sense. Now I need to write a bit more about it and not let the “what ifs” get to me before I publish. 😉

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