The benefits of journaling

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  1. All of the above, but for me, also this: regular journaling has conditioned me to enjoy the tactile sensation of writing. With that habit in place, ANY writing gets easier and more pleasurable for me.

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  2. I once did an adult education course at Vancouver’s University of BC, in Creative Writing. The excellent course lead Paul Belserene taught us to write SOMETHING every day (journaling being only one possibility). The daily habit could then become a conduit for those occasions when you really had something worth communicating – whether it was a story, magazine article or political treatise. The mechanics of writing were themselves no longer a tool or even an obstacle, but a comfortable part of the daily routine that just happened to enable the capture of those important thoughts at the moment they occur.

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  3. For everyone’s sake here (or near), every handwritten journaled page attempt has been ripped out and ripped up! I will keep lines of decent poetry/verse (some of which surprises even me) because it seems less in-your-face if just as real, but I’m glad when others enjoy journaling and can mine it for its rich writing benefits.


  4. I have kept journals for over two decades. I am going through a tough time now and only recently felt up to writing in my journal again. It feels empowering and healing to be back at it…..Thanks!

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