Our firstborn turned 18 yesterday

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  1. Congratulations! Well done to the parents… and here’s a secret: they still come back for help/advice/support, even as they also grow & spread wings- my son is 21 now, & moved back home 6 months ago because of Covid etc, & we are loving being together again, not quite as Mum & Son any more…


  2. Congratulations, indeed, Andrea. And yes, “they still come back”….even as they grow/spread wings. Twenty years ago when we bought this old 1920s house in Kansas City, we were pleased by the space to spread out. Well, a few years later, oldest son, (who is now 39), moved in to join us. Even with an astoundingly high I.Q., he’d had several careers, including metal smithing, and building, but life was going nowhere for him so we moved him back here. He now has possession of the basement which suits him, got into college, became a teacher in middle school, and now fixes things for us. It’s been a blessing.

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