3 thoughts on “Spirit?”

  1. Connection to spirit is an elusive beast. As you implied, it looks different for each of us, so it’s an extremely personal exploration.

    I think one common thread that I’ve read about regarding people having intense spiritual experiences through the use of substances, religion, near-death experiences, etc is a deeper connection with meaning and purpose. Something that completely burns away the looser attachments of life (at least temporarily) to expose to you your core self. The person you are when you have nothing else. It’s a powerful experience.

    If you ever want to talk about this stuff more privately, please feel free to hit me up. I’m not an expert by any means but my own spiritual journey has been a rather intense one and an important part of my life, especially in the last several years. I’m happy to listen and witness for you on your own journey – as much or as little as would be useful.

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  2. Great post, Andrea. Sounds like your work meet up was invigorating and meaningful. As far as connecting to Spirit goes, for me it’s taking time to just be, as you mentioned. No noise around me, deep breathing, prayer, and meditation. I do it every morning, though I’d like to do it for longer stretches of time.

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